We carry a wide range of actual artex samples with the finished plaster surface as well as coving, insulation and plaster boards.



Falling Off
Board Tape Peeling Off


1. Laser level the area to get the ceiling flat

2. Dampen down the artex

3. Lightly remove the high points

4. Tape any cracks

5. Apply a PVA glue sealer

6. Retain the cove lip

7. Apply a primer base coat plaster

8. Apply a bonding base coat plaster
9. Apply two coats of multi finish plaster

10. Re smooth over the plaster to obtain the perfect finish

Job done. Time for a cup of tea!

Our rule is to always redecorate over new platered surfaces. Why? So our plastered surfaces always have a great finish. As well as the right paint product, there is a certain way to prepare new plastered surfaces. 

1. Stick clean off water marks

2. Cut in cove and apply first base mist coat of emulsion
3. Then four more full coats of emulsion
4. Fourth coat of emulsion on the ceiling looking good

5. Check for any imperfections and fill,
then final four coats of emulstion

6. Then a full redecoation of the rest of the room

7. The wood ...

8. ... and finally the walls

Job done. Time for a cup of tea!


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